Helicopter Transfer from Santorini to Mykonos and vice-versa

Vacation in Mykonos: feels like a celebrity

Spend your holidays as a celebrity, on the island of celebrities! Every summer hundreds of celebrities visit Mykonos to have fun and enjoy the special lifestyle of the island. You can definitely be among them! Take your boat to Tourlos where all the rich and famous boast their boats and live your legend, surrounded by the most shining names of the showbiz world. From Lady Gaga to Leonardo Di Caprio – you can’t even imagine who you can be dancing next to on a crazy Mykonos night.

Rent your private luxury villa

To live like a celebrity in Mykonos you have to follow some simple steps. The first one is to find proper accommodation. And this can be nothing less than a luxury Mykonos villa.

You will find out there are so many available that you will not have any difficulty in choosing the perfect one just for you. Book your villa in Mykonos as early as possible because the good ones are gone fast. Before booking check carefully what your dream Mykonos villa offers. They usually have big rooms and outdoor areas, gardens, swimming pools, and luxury decoration – but it is always better to double-check before you make a purchase.

If you think the prices are very high, try to book your Mykonos villa for side season – like May, June, or September. You will get a better price and probably it will be easier for you to move around and visit the hottest spots on the island.

Exclusive services

The second step is to think about what you will need during your vacations on the island, in terms of services. Mykonos has really high-class concierge services that will make you feel like a king or queen. For some of the exclusive services early booking is also required – for example, if you are planning a diner at the hottest restaurant of the island, you should make a reservation 1-2 months earlier.

Exclusive services can provide you with almost anything you may need: limousines and helicopters, private chefs, butlers, drivers, trainers or bodyguards, luxury yachts, private shopping, VIP tickets to the best night clubs, private tours, event organizing. Even if you want a service not listed on the catalogs, you can discuss it with the concierge group of your choice and they will do their best to serve you.

Gourmet dining

In Mykonos, you will find some of the most glamorous restaurants in Greece. For some of the tourists, this is one of the main reasons they come back to Mykonos whenever they can. The food ingredients are always fresh and famous chefs prepare delicious dishes for their guests to try.

Usually, a fine dining restaurant in Mykonos has its own cellar. Their wine list includes some of the rarest and most expensive wines and champagnes. Take your chef’s advice on which one will suit your diner and enjoy a majestic culinary experience.

Some of the best gourmet restaurants in Mykonos are:

In Mykonos Town: Interni, Kalita, Ling Ling Hakkasan, Kiku, Nobu Matsuhisa, Remezzo, Koursaros, Meat-ing, Sea Satin.

On the beaches: Buddha Bar, Scorpios, Nammos, Branco, Solymar, Alemagou, Principate.


You can’t feel the whole lavish way of living in Mykonos without spending at least one day on a private luxury yacht. Yachts are rent with an experienced captain and his crew so you can concentrate on having fun with your friends.

For diving lovers, this can be a perfect opportunity to see the sea treasures around the island. You can just inform your skipper about your qualifications and likes and he will take you to the best places for diving.

A good suggestion would be to hire a private chef to join you on the trip so he can cook for you onboard or at the secluded beaches you visit. If you are planning to throw a party on your private yacht – which is very common in Mykonos – think about hiring more staff, like entertainers or a butler.

The best instagrammable locations

You see famous celebrities and influencers posting on Instagram photos from their vacations on Mykonos and you wonder where all these wonderful places are? Be prepared – the island is so full of majestic landscapes. Some of the most favorite ones are the following:


The Windmills are the trademark of Mykonos and they are internationally recognizable thanks to the countless photos and postcards from visitors. Standing on a hill, in the Alefkandra area in Mykonos Town, they welcome ships and travelers to the island. The windmills are seven, three-story cylindrical buildings with small windows and a conical wooden roof.


The Lighthouse is located at the Armenistis area, around 6 km north from Mykonos Town. It was built in 1891, after the wreck of a British ship on the island’s coast. The Lighthouse is a famous attraction due to its imposing presence and its award-winning mechanism. Today, this mechanism is hosted at the Aegean Maritime Museum, located in the center of Mykonos Town, in the area of Tria Pigadia.

Little Venice

Perhaps the most captivating area of ​​Mykonos Town, “Little Venice” is a picturesque neighborhood built right at the edge of the sea. It will remind you of Venice in Italy and this is where its name came from.

It is a district built in the mid-18th century by wealthy merchants and captains. Elegant and gorgeous houses with colorful loggia, windows, stairs, and wooden balconies literally above the sea, give the visitor the feeling of being in the famous Italian city.

In the afternoons, hundreds of tourists flock here to admire one of the most beautiful Aegean sunsets. But an equally fascinating spectacle is when it is windy and the wild sea hits the rocks and houses.

Kapari beach – sunset time

This is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches on the island. It is not for everyone as you need to climb some of the surrounding rocks to approach the beach. But it will pay you back generously: beautiful scenery and a quiet, clean beach with transparent waters.

The perfect time to visit Kapari is in the afternoon, before sunset. The beach is the perfect spot to admire the beautiful islet of Delos while the sun is diving into the sea. If you are planning to stay more, make sure you have brought everything you will need, as there are no restaurants or bars on the beach.